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Nigerian Prof. Azaiki Is Giving Out A Copy Each Of Books He Authored To 500 Indigenes Of Bayelsa State

Nigerian Prof. Azaiki Is Giving Out A Copy Each Of Books He Authored To 500 Indigenes Of Bayelsa State 

-Steve Azaiki, OON | MHR – Federal Republic Of Nigeria. 

Professor Azaiki OON, a Member of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has said via a post on 8th April, 2020, that he will be giving 500 copies of his books away, a copy each to 500 from Bayelsa State, the state where he hails from in Nigeria. The Professor who had at one time served as Secretary to the State Government of Bayelsa amongst other offices held, is a leader loved by his people, a core Youth and Service Development Advocate.

Azaiki through his books has and continues to share a wealth of knowledge, creating positive impacts which drives productivity and sustainability in his region. Remarkably, Azaiki once set up a world class Library – The Steve Azaiki Library, in the Capital of the State, Yenagoa, which was recently attacked and burgled by hoodlums during a crisis that occurred in the State. A date will be announced for its re-opening.

Below is what he posted.

This is the time to give what you have to community and society. We all can give of the little we have.

It was Roy T. Benett who said; “Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.”

I believe all of us have the spirit of giving and no one will say he has too little or he is too small to give. If you think you are too small to help, you have never been in bed with mosquito.

I am giving one copy each of my priceless work to five hundred Bayelsans and those who resident in Bayelsa. The other books; The Yenagoa Boy, The Price of Loyalty, Oil, Democracy and the Promise of True Federalism can be bought at the Azaiki Public Library whenever God gives us the grace to open it.

The Books Are:
1. Inequities in Nigerian Politics
2. The Evil of Oil
3. Thoughts on Nigeria
4. Oil, Gas & Life in Nigeria,
5. Oil, Politics and Blood.

This are for those who are hungry and seek knowledge. We have given money, food, information on Covid -19 and prevention kits.

Ryrie Brink said “The most truly generous are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward.”

I am using the medium because I want to five out of priceless possessions to only those who truly need it.

Please indicate if you want a copy and my team at the constituency office will compile the list and publish it in one week.

Let me leave you with the great words of Khalil Gibran “You give but little when you give of your possessions.

It is when you give of yourself (what is most valuable to you; books/knowledge and service) that you truly give.”

If you are interested in Oil, Democracy and the Promise of True Federalism in Nigeria. Get it on Amazon | Link below.”

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