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Ocholi Esq: Bare Faces | What Else Do You Have To Offer?

Ocholi Esq: Bare Faces | What Else Do You Have To Offer? 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq | Pneuma Law

Yesterday we got into these shirts. Beautiful gifts from my Dad in 2010. He had just returned from London. Having never travelled out at the time, we cherished it so much and wore it to head to our honeymoon after the wedding in December that year.

Yesterday we wanted to be sure we could still get into those shirts and rock them 10 years on. Yes we did.

Many things aren’t always the same though. We change.

In this picture, we were headed to the morning walk. No make up. No setups. Just us for us. Julia wants to change the hair, it is due. She wants to do this and do that but with lock down even things you could easily do in the past now require careful planning. I am also overgrown on my hair which I am accustomed to keeping low. My beards, forget that one, I look bushy, no ‘dirty’. That’s it!

However we look, we are each others reality. Bare faces and real details are realities that define our private lives. This is why a lot of people are thoroughly depressed and live their lives ashamed of their own realities.

The truth is, I don’t see a bare face. I see the face of a woman I love whose character is so deep she looks beautiful wether painted or not. I think the enhancements are finally or Las Las like we say for public presentation to a civilization that is so shallow it focuses on impressions not intentions.

The truth however is, when you have someone in your life, looks have a way of taking back seat when value is required. You want a combination of both, thank God I have both but you want to be guaranteed that they are more than an appearance.

Your peace does not flow from what they see in the mirror when they dress up but from who they are even if they dress down.

So, the value is the same whether it is morning walk or corporate dinner.

See, you are going to live with character not mere impressions.

If you are single, think about this, male or female. If you are married, your spouse will be frustrated if you only “look good” but aren’t actually good!

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