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5 Countries That Have Compulsory Youth Programs Like Nigeria

5 Countries That Have Compulsory Youth Programs Like Nigeria 

-Shakirudeen Taiwo

These countries are also aimed at achieving National Unity and Cultural Integration.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established after the Nigerian civil war in the early 70s by the Federal Government by General Yakubu Gowon.

The National Youth Service Corps is a one-year commitment for college graduates under 30 which sends young people to work outside their home states. Without the program, many areas would lack teachers, engineers, doctors, pharmacists and accountants, etc.

It was designed to strengthen National unity, patriotism and also help cultivate selflessness in citizens. Nigeria is not the first country to have a scheme where young graduates serve their nations primarily for the same reasons also.

It’s worthy of note that of all the youth service schemes all over the world, Nigeria’s was the only one established solely for the purpose of integration.

In other countries around the world different variations of the scheme has been designed for their youths but most often for defence.

1. Servicio Social, Mexico

Servicio Social translates to social work in English. It is a legal requirement for people receiving a college degree to do 480 hours of unpaid service to the community over the duration of their course.

It is also a good source of free help for social projects in many areas such as healthcare and generally the welfare of Mexicans.

2. Servicio País, Chile

This youth program is a competitive selection civil service program for university graduates which aims at decreasing rural poverty.

Only particular professions are recruited to the program such as lawyers, engineers, and medical professionals. If a graduate is picked, they will go on to serve 13 months in a rural area.

3. Program Latihan Khidmat Negara, Malaysia

It is Malaysia’s national service program. It is a three-month program which began in December 2003 by using an annual lottery to select 85,000 18-year-olds for military-style physical training and community service.

Each group has 60% ethnic Malays, 28% Chinese, 10% Indians and 2% others — a mirror of Malaysia’s makeup — to promote patriotism and racial harmony.

4. Diplomatic Alternative Service Program, Taiwan

Males over 18 must serve two years, but substitutions for combat include policing, firefighting and environmental work. The Diplomatic Alternative Service Program sends Taiwanese men to work in medicine, agriculture and technology in countries like Chad and Macedonia.

The government considers them goodwill ambassadors.

5. Military Conscription, Israel

In Israel, secular Jews are drafted at age 18 and males serve for 3 years while women serve for 2 years. The Army calls upon a potential soldier in a letter and this is called the “First Calling”. This letter states that the teenager must report to a certain place at a certain time for a day-long examination and interview.

After careful looking over of the results, the army will call the people to enlist when they turn a certain age to begin the army process and basic training.

Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians are exempt, but a majority of Israelis, including most Arabs, support expanding national civilian or military service for everyone.

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