The Institute

The LLP Africa, a Youth and Service Development Advocacy hub, is a Para-Educational Institute.

The Institute has successfully organized several trainings, classes and seminars on different informative subjects matter, from Creative Arts to Business and lots more. These were successful because of the support gotten from some of the finest Para-Professionals cum Entrepreneurs in the field. Some notable are; Ebuja Anichebe (Ask Ebuka), Cosmos Onwumelu (Coco FMC, Vessel, Industrial and Domestic Cleaning), Ubong Effiong (Do Media), Chike Onaku (Filmstation NG), Nayate George (Nayate George LLP) and other high ranking facilitators with an eye for positive impact and sustainable development.

The LLP Africa as an Institute also has affiliations with some of the best in Human Resource Management that have a passion for service development, this is with a view to giving job seekers a better platform to learn the perfect standards and attain the right values. Also, to help reduce unemployability as it is observed that, especially in this part of the world, Africa, the problem is not with unemployment but unemployability. Recently, GetWork Nigeria Organised an employment seminar where 30 Nigerians got jobs. By August 2020, GetWork Nigeria will be organizing another program aimed at giving more Nigerians jobs. Hopefully, the affiliates in other parts of Africa like Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe will follow suite and the will drastically help reduce the level of unemployment in Africa. Currently, the Institute is processing more partnership with some of its co-professionals in Dubai, the USA and United Kingdom.


A good number of young persons have passed through and gained immensely from the position of the Institute.

The LLP Africa Institute stands firmly on its values, which is expressed as “Believe In Your Art”. This is to guide and encourage the youths to critically study and harness potential energy from within today, for tomorrow.