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Tigo Tanzania Is Pioneering An East African Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet Service

Tigo Tanzania Is Pioneering An East African Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet Service 

-Jenna Delport | IT News 

Tigo Tanzania has partnered with M-Pesa in Kenya, MTN in Rwanda & Uganda and Airtel Rwanda to enable cross-platform capabilities between the respective mobile wallet services – this move should allow customers to send and receive funds from across East Africa.

James Barton, Developing Telecoms writer says that “the service now ensures that Tigo Pesa customers are connected to all major mobile money services across the East African region, a move that will increase transactions for cross-border remittance users.”

”This new service between four countries further cements how Tigo adapts to its customers’ needs with digital solutions,” says Tigo Tanzania’s Acting Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services, Angelica Pesha.

“It also means that the benefits of mobile money can be extended to cross-border trade, allowing businesses and families to transfer money quickly and securely in East Africa.”

According to Barton, MTN Uganda has been “at the forefront of financial innovation in the delivery of a wide range of financial services such as micro-savings, loans, insurance and merchant payments through MoMoPay.”

“To be able to make our wide network available to customers across the East African region is testimony to our continued drive to extend affordable, reliable, secure financial services to not only our customers in Uganda, but to all people in the region”, says Stephen Mutana, General Manager of Mobile Financial Services at MTN Uganda.

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