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Six Tech Skills African Youngsters Need In This Day And Age

Six Tech Skills African Youngsters Need In This Day And Age 

1) Blockchain
Blockchain’s novel way to store, validate, authorise, and move data across the internet has evolved to securely store and send any digital asset. There is a small percentage of professionals who have this skill and they are in high demand since the market is just opening up.

2) Cloud Computing
A vast swathe of companies today are built and run on the cloud. They need talent who have the skills to help them drive technical architecture, design, and delivery of cloud systems like Microsoft Azure.

3) Analytical Reasoning
Data has become the foundation of every single business. Organisations want talent who can make sense of it and uncover insights that drive the best decisions for the business.

4) Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) augments the capabilities of the human workforce. The people who can harness the power of AI, machine learning and natural language processing are the ones who will help organisations deliver more relevant, personalised, and innovative products and services.

5) UX Design
As the average attention span of consumers decreases every year, they have little patience for products that aren’t intuitive. Enter UX Design. Organisations need more expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences.

6) Graphic Designs

Brands and Businesses are leveraging on social media to sell their product and services to project their message, they need a visual representation of their story. Graphic designers are highly sorted after.

-IOA Digital Consult 

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