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Mimiy Esq: A Jewel In The Village Of The Blind Is No Less A Jewel

Mimiy Esq: A Jewel In The Village Of The Blind Is No Less A Jewel 

Mimiy Ikpeazu, Esq| The Themis Foundation

Someone once shared a story about a diamond with me when I was going on about how sad I felt about a situation in my past.

If you give someone a diamond now, and the person rejects it, does it make the diamond less a diamond? NO!

Would the rejection by that one person reduce the value of the diamond in the market? NO!

Would people casting aspersions on it and running it down and talking about wanting a bigger diamond or a clearer cut diamond or another type of diamond, make that particular diamond not appreciate in value? NO!

If you fear rejection, you will never experience that which you really want.

A jewel in the village of the blind is no less a jewel. 

So most times, when people don’t like you, attack you, reject you, hurt you, deceive you, or whatever, just accept that it is the way of life. Learn what you can from it, treat it as a learning curve, grieve for a bit as it’s important to process your feelings, but dust yourself up and keep keeping on. What’s important is the perception you have about yourself, everything is dependent on how you view yourself.

I once had my heart broken for the first and only time in my life, after the grieving, and the numbness, I realized something. Wow, so this is how those other people I’d hurt felt? I felt horrible. I HAD been breaking other people’s hearts too, and NOW, it was only fitting I had mine broken as well, if for nothing, but to understand exactly how it feels. Since then, instead of going crazy in a frenzy hating on men or hurting others, I understood that hurting people was bad. That it was wrong. And I’ve never really done that since. I’ve been careful, and I’m proud to say that if I don’t feel a strong pull towards a toaster or a suitor, I say no. So that, not after he’s invested emotions, I don’t wake up one day and tell him that I don’t love him and leave him. Yeah, it may make you be single most times, but at least, you are being a decent person.

What’s the point of this little story? Perspective. How you see things matter the most. I chose to see the heartbreak as a lesson not to hurt others anymore. Someone else might stop trusting people, or start treating people horribly, but I CHOSE to be positive and LEARN a lesson from a NEGATIVE situation.

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