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Coronavirus: The Scare, Shutdown, Sudden Change And Impact On Lifestyle As Seen In New York And Canada

Coronavirus: The Scare, Shutdown, Sudden Change And Impact On Lifestyle As Seen In New York And Canada 

The LLP Desk

All over the World today, the sudden rise of the Coronavirus disease and its expected pandemic panic has caused a change, sudden change too in Lifestyle. People are not living more like Robots, remotely. In the sense that you could be virtually anywhere at any time thanks to Technology. As expected, such a conditioned lifestyle could weaken Economies. In fact, presently some major Stock Values on Financial Markets are crashing.

Mike Jhon, who is currently in New York captured an always busy Manhattan, surprisingly there was not a single soul in sight! This was at 4.55PM Nigerian time. Empty streets.

Deb Riechmann was even quoted on Hartford Courant saying President Donald Trump is recommending that the government takes partial ownership of companies bailed out in the Coronavirus pandemic, a step that would mark an extraordinary federal reach into the private sector. He also held out hope that treatments for COVID-19 might be at hand, voicing far more optimism about quick therapies than federal scientists have expressed.

Trump sought to calm the public’s fears as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. climbed above 11,000, with at least 168 deaths. He gave an upbeat promotion of therapeutic drugs in early testing that he said could be “a game-changer and maybe not” in treating those suffering with COVID-19.

Adel Nabil in Times Square, New York shared the same views with photographs of empty streets. Now, if you are a New Yorker, you would recall that out there these streets never sleep. New York never really sleeps. The streets are always buzzing and glowing with movements of humans and machinery from dusk till dawn. A system that runs  asuch thereby turning in huge sums as revenue.

-Adel Nabil | New York, USA

Empty Street’s Of Times Square, New York 

Ever Busy Times Square, New York

Day Time, New York City

Across border in Canada, according to Yvonne Ikwueme who shared photos with The LLP Desk on the 16th March, 2020, an always busy University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Campus-Canada, was frozen with not a single person in sight. From the entry point of the School to the Schools library, all deserted due to the Coronavirus scare, and of course, an order from the Government to shut down facilities that might cause a likely spread, thereby containing the dreaded Covid-19.

In our earlier article on the platform, we spoke about the Coronavirus and wondering if Nostradamus’ predictions had anything to do with this plague-like illness.

University of Saskatchewan, saskatoon campus. 

Underground Tunnel

Student Services Centre | Place Reil

School Cafeteria

School Library.

View From Murray Library 

Over here in Africa, apart from the fears and cases reported, a lot seems to be done by the Governments of the day to battle this “evil season”. Countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and others are spending Billions in their Currency to drive the best solutions, obviously to get the best results. Recently, China deployed some it’s finest Medical Personnel to Italy to contain the pandemic as technical as they could. Reports are making the rounds that China has no new cases of the Coronavirus in its cities as it is observed that most patients responded to treatment. People who had tested positive had either died or healed completely.

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