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Ugo | Why Trust Is A Social Capital

Ugo | Why Trust Is A Social Capital 

– Ugo Chikezie 

When it comes to integrity, the bottom line is that it makes it easier for people to TRUST you. In the economic/business world TRUST is defined as SOCIAL CAPITAL. therefore, it is safe to say that “without trust, you have nothing” because TRUST is the single most important commodity in both personal and professional relationships. TRUST is the glue that holds relationships together. I often describe TRUST as the key to becoming a person of influence, because when people can TRUST you, they can go all the way with you.

In the past, people naturally trusted others until they give them reasons to stop trusting them. but today in our world, you need to prove yourself TRUSTWORTHY before people can TRUST you. That is what makes integrity a very holy commodity because without integrity, you can not gain peoples’ TRUST and without TRUST, you can not influence people. TRUST comes from others only when you exemplify, character superiority.

People with integrity never worry or fear anything or anyone because wherever they are, they are consistent and live with principles.

Build your character and become trustworthy.

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