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Ocholi Esq: Making Or Running Away From Memories

Ocholi Esq: Making Or Running Away From Memories 

-Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Relationship & Marriage

Concerning choices, discipline, determination, principles, pursuits and life.

In 2010 we wore them green and white stripes next day after our wedding to head to Obudu Cattle Ranch for honeymoon. We had received this gift from my Dad prior to the wedding.

Fast forward, this shirt has outlived some marriages. It could have outlived ours too. Then rather than throw back on it, we would want to throw them away!

You see, besides what we call “acts of God” or force majure in law (things outside our control for which we release faith and trust) every other thing in your life is a direct result of your choice.

As much as lie in your power, live in such a way that what you amass are a collection of memorable events to look back at.

People are so careless that before you know it, as the years roll by they are dealing with too much to forget.

It is easy to blame others who played a role in most things we had to forget but we must humbly rethink how we opened the doors to people, deals or things that ended in regret.

For some of the things we regret, our indiscipline and inability to hold unto principles that should have made same things pleasant memories got us there.

As we journeyed down to the ranch, I was not fixated on “honeymoon”, that’s too short, my mind indicted a matter, I want to be happy for life.

Pessimists will say, “don’t mind that boy, what has he seen in life? ” and that’s okay, if a pessimist is not pessimistic, what else will he be? Your place is to continue to be you and not a spectator of their unbelief!

Speaking of which, I met this babe in 2003 and by 2005 many had cried wolf. This guy is a kid. Don’t waste your time. This thing won’t cross the gate of school. Those who couldn’t see far failed to share the proceeds of their shortsightedness with me or perhaps I refused a share in it. Here we are, she just left the room sef, she is still my wife.

So new target, I want us to wear these shirts again in 2030 if Jesus tarries. Not for want of cloth to wear but because memories can be the motivation for the pursuit of more.

What memories are you or do you plan to create?

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