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Ocholi Esq: Ocholi Okutepa Is Dead

Ocholi Esq: Ocholi Okutepa Is Dead 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq

He lived… He shall be remembered for… Adieu.

Don’t say “God forbid”
Actually, I won’t be dead, my spirit shall only depart my body and be present with the Lord.

As I shall slide away from this mud and slip into forever, nothing else will matter than to stand in front of my maker.

You see, ‘what will I be remembered for’ will become insignificant when all that matters will be ‘what will He judge me for’

We work so hard for ‘prosperity’, ‘posterity’ and for name and fame, to leave a mark on earth with and for those whose judgment of us will mean nothing and hold no significance when we stand before Him whose verdict is eternal and whose say is final.

I am a lawyer, I have been at the Bar for 11 years. I have traveled great lengths adding value to this pieces of paper certificates that I hold. Here and there I hear whispers, nay comments, ‘Our SAN’ in the making and stuff like that.

Most times after a court sitting, my juniors are awed at my practice, Judges have repeatedly commended and people from the gallery of courts have taken particular note of me to say kind words or engage me.

I have my personal ambitions and like I said in another post, I am however not desperate.

I have been a believer since 1997 and effectively a minister of Jesus since 1999. I have seen souls saved and diverse miracles happen.

What then shall all these count for if they mean nothing to Him when I sleep here and find myself before His throne?

Would I have treated His creation right?
Would I have honored my conscience by which His blessed Holy Spirit speaks?
Would I have responded to and pursued my personal assignment which he placed in my heart?
Will I be found faithful in my calling for which He put me here?

If these questions don’t boil in your heart you may waste your existence chasing what doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

First, give your life to Him. Enter His kingdom. Next, find His purpose for you.
Then, fulfil it. Be rewarded in the Kingdom.


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