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Ocholi Esq: When Will My Time Come?

Ocholi Esq: When Will My Time Come? 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma & Law

We have a culture that predominantly converts it’s brightest prospects to beggars.

Sometimes we wonder why we are as backward as we are when the answer is apparent and clear.

The political class that ‘leads’ us today are not just old, they are largely out of touch with reality.

I wish it stopped at politics. No, it is deeply rooted in families and communities. I am 35+, a critical time in my life when I should take on the world with zeal and passion combined with an energetic brain and muscles but no, the word ‘youth’ means something else here. It means those whose turn has not come.

We see life through the narrow prism of arriving at some wealth or gain. Our parameter for judging success is corrupted because to us it must be summarised in titles or money. So, people hussle to attain these ‘feat’ even though they never lived.

So, we hardly become because we are almost all chasing the illusion of success which we have embraced.

My generation hardly are convinced that they need to grow into anything, they just want to blow. Our case is not helped by social media, the arena of much lies. We all want to appear to be what we hope we are perceived as, whether we are it or not.

So, wean you of those ‘elders’ who are uncomfortable with you because you have chosen not to be a ‘boy’ who begs at their table and fuel their need to be diefied!

Honor and sit with elders who have push for you to become you. Defer to the voices who mentor you and unleash your own possibilities.

I once looked into my beloved North especially and asked where tomorrow would come from. Where is the succeeding generation. A few sprinkles of sensibles but a large chunk of wannabes, beggars and people who are content to follow the rich and eat crumbs.

Passion and process is where historic names are hewned. People who made name not because they wanted but because they pursued ideals that their hearts conceived and which altered the course of history from one generation to another.

So, we are implicitly and explicitly conditioned to follow ‘big men’ and find our portion of public funds to strangle into our own pocket.

What are you becoming?

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