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Ocholi Esq: When I Blow!

Ocholi Esq: When I Blow! 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq. 

You see that title? That’s why people are hardly impactful all around.

I don’t need to ‘blow’ to get to my target. I need to grow to get there.

Growing will take me through obscurity even when I am absolutely talented and gifted.

Growing means I can be snubbed and not picked even when I qualify and merit it.

Growing means I need to spend more time doing what I do until it can no longer be ignored in the quarters that matter.

Growing means taking root deep down so that my ‘blow’ will not be blown away.

See my dear friends, it is easier to fall than rise. Loosing relevance is so easy when relevance is not your essence.

Growing is when you become so acquainted with your calling and purpose that who you meet, where you stand and the external pressures of life does not derail your core message or take the steam off your purpose.

People who want to blow mostly just want to make more money than they can eat or rise to a point where their greed can boast compared to others.

Keep doing your purpose in front of one or many irrespective of how many. Give the same value wherever you are found and you will be found by kings.

I don’t want to ‘blow’ by scheming. I want to give value so much that the world comes to drink from me.

So, stop waiting to ‘blow’
Keep growing and you won’t even realise when you have blown!

Think deep! 

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