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Ugo Chikezie: Africa | The Future Is Predictable

Ugo Chikezie: Africa | The Future Is Predictable 

Ugo Chikezie

Do you want to know what the future of your country will look like? Let me give you a few tips to ponder on, so you can know where your country is headed.

1. Look at all the people occupying political offices today from the local level to the state level and then to the federal level. Do they have the developmental mindset or are they in office for personal aggrandizement? Remember, Most of them will still be around politics for the next few decades.

2. Look at the mindset of the average young person in your country. Check out their value system and general perspective about life. What do you think matters the most to them?

3. Look at the education system in your country. Remember, there’s a difference between going to school and actually being educated. What’s the percentage of the truly educated/sound minds in your country?

4. Look at the religious organizations in your country. What kind of teachings do people get from religious establishments and how well does it transform them?

5. Look at the public and private sectors in your country. What sort of synergy exists between the two sectors?

6. Look at the richest people in your country. How did they make their wealth? Are they affiliated to the government?

7. Finally, look at the traditional institutions and the character of the traditional rulers in your country. Are they the type that receives a bribe from the government and twists the truth?

Answer the above questions honestly because that is the future of your country. The future is not in front of you. The future is right inside you. What is happening in your country today is the consequences of yesterday’s decisions. What will happen tomorrow are the consequences of today’s decisions. it’s not rocket science. Life is about principles. Your input determines your output.

I don’t mean to spoil your day. I just want to open your eyes so you can begin to plan your life better! 

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