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Ocholi Esq | Choosing A Marriage That Won’t Mar You

Ocholi Esq | Choosing A Marriage That Won’t Mar You 

-Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Relationship & Marriage 

From my counselling, a greater percentage of people in bad marriages had reason to know from facts or intuition or discernment that they were going into something funny.

They either ignored it, underrated or undermined it or outrightly chose to hope it wasn’t true.

Many are under undue pressure because of their age or family or peer pressure.

What these single people needed was peace and calm from God, knowledge of what counts in making choices and a conviction that minimum standards ought to be upheld no matter the pressure.

Then comes books that people never read, messages they never listened to and seminars (including so many free ones) they never paid attention to.

Same people with data enough to sit on gossip blogs and pages, I am sorry but who can’t join the right love video or spend time reading anything useful to their own life and destiny.

It’s amazing how I sit on the counselling table and see people walk into disaster with confidence.

You warn, scream, even shout but they choose it and act like they can’t live with entering trouble for life.

Much love to those who found themselves in tough places but hopefully some sense will fall strongly on those who should pray, study and discern and not get into a hard place.

I hope your hopes won’t be dahsed by your poor choices. Wait!

Listen, Read, Wisdom.

Wisdom cries in the streets! Kindly click on the Link below for more:

Much Love!

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