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Ocholi Esq: It Must Not Always Be About Me!

Ocholi Esq: It Must Not Always Be About Me! 

-Ocholi Okutepa, Esq.

Concerning friends, potentials and purpose!

If no one around you is becoming something of their own or unique to them, you or them are doing something or many things wrong.

You see, as a pioneer of a calling committed to me and Julia (my darling wife), I am and have continually been in position to engage people or with no disrespect, ‘use them’. So, I have had needs of many people. I mean, especially gifted and talented people.

As you grow however, you realise that not all those who serve, support or volunteer with you are meant to only play those roles. You have to discern and find that in many cases, they have to serve a time and be let loose into specific callings of theirs or serve with you in ways that allow them pursue specific callings God has given them.

So, I found that I was surrounded by great giftings/callings whose expression God did not intend to be limited to the confines of my vision.

You know, it must not always be about ‘me’ because once that becomes the case it can’t even be about God who distributed the calling. You know God cannot share center stage with anyone right?

So, we must learn to unleash, support and stand with those around us whose ideas have come of age and whose time for expression has come.

We must learn to be the mentoring voice they can lean to hear advice, get direction and guidance. Remember Eli and Samuel. We don’t give the calling but we can give the wisdom.

We must learn to be comfortable with not being the one on stage at all times. Get off the stage and let God use who he wants!

We must learn to watch and urge those around us to soar.

We must learn to serve those ahead and behind us. Remember Jesus washing their feet?

Look closely, there are more gifts and talents around you than you may have noticed.
Now, consciously make up your mind to notice them, support them and do your best to do your part.

If you doesn’t support those around you when they are becoming, you are toxic.

So, “validation Junkie” was unleashed on 14/03/20. I interviewed the author in this picture. I need, you need, we need! To get it, contact Bologi Krystie Stephen or Peter Jenom Stephen. A post will be made to that effect here on The LLP Africa online.


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