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History: To Protest The Killing Of Biafrans Bruce Mayrock Set Himself Ablaze Before The United Nations

History: To Protest The Killing Of Biafrans Bruce Mayrock Set Himself Ablaze Before The United Nations 

This Biafra story of Bruce Mayrock that made history would never be forgotten, as it was then reported after his death in 1969 by several media outfits all over the world. This particular version was written by Xtraconfl and reported by the African Insider in April of 2017. 

Bruce Mayrock is the No1 Biafran Unsung Hero. While the war of extermination raged on in Biafraland, the whole world watched in awe as the combined forces of British, USSR, Egypt and Nigeria bombard and place an economic blockade over Biafraland, while the United States of America supervise them. This Noble Gentleman Tried all he could to get the attention of the United Nations to stop the Genocide going on in Biafraland but all to no avail.

So he paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life so that the Biafrans may be saved. He set himself ablaze in the UN garden in New York, yet the UN did nothing to help the Biafrans even up till today.  While he set himself ablaze he had a sign with the inscription: You Must Stop Genocide! Please Save Nine Million Biafrans”

If you are a Biafran, you are owe Bruce Mayrock. He gave his life that you may live.

Bruce Mayrock was born may 6, 1949 and he took his own life for people whom he never met before in may 30, 1969.
Two United Nations guards spotted the flames and chased the youth across the lawn with fire extinguisher. But Mayrock eluded the guards, racing in front of the North Lounge of the building before several hundred horrified delegates and onlookers.

The student finally fell to his knees beside a statue bearing the Biblical inscription “Let us beat our swords into plowshares” and the guards extinguished the flames. Mayrock was rushed to ßellevue Hospital where he was listed in critical condition with burns over most of his body and was pronounced dead shortly after midnight. At the U.N., guards found a large cardboard sign on the front lawn which said, “You must stop the genocide–please save 9 million Biafrans.” At the bottom of the sign, a quotation read, “Peace is where there is an absence of fear of any kind.” hero on fire.

In past years, two other persons have immolated themselves in front of the U.N. Both died of their burns. Mayrock, who lived in Westbury, L.1., enrolled in GS and the Jewish Theological Seminary in September, 1967, but dropped out after one year and studied briefly at Hofstra University. He re-enrolled at GS last January. While at Columbia, Mayrock worked as a photographer for the Spectator sports department. Members of the youth’s family stated Friday that he had worked’ actively to protest the war in Biafra, writing letters about the war to the President and leading government figures. However, according to one rabbi, ‘ who said he was close to the family, the student believed that “no one was listening.” “He was an idealistic young man deeply upset by the events in Biafra,” the rabbi said. “People were being killed and he felt no one was doing anything. That’s why he did what he did.”

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