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eSprinter Electric Vans Revealed, Arriving To US Around 2023

eSprinter Electric Vans Revealed, Arriving To US Around 2023 

– Stephen Edelstein

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz eSprinter electric van will be sold in the United States, but it’s not expected to arrive for nearly three years.

Mercedes doesn’t offer the current eSprinter in the U.S., but the automaker confirmed Wednesday that a new version currently under development will be sold here.

The current version shares a basic platform with internal-combustion Sprinter vans. The next-generation model will be based on a new “Electric Versatility Platform,” which will allow for a greater array of body styles, the automaker said. Mercedes didn’t provide much detail on the new platform, but noted that it’s investing the equivalent of $422 million for development.

Mercedes is planning two body sizes and three battery-pack options for the U.S., but the eSprinter isn’t expected to arrive here until 2023, according to Automotive News.

Automakers are paying more attention to electric vans as online commerce booms.

Amazon announced earlier this year that it would buy 1,800 Mercedes electric vans—including the eSprinter and smaller eVito—for Europe. The online retail giant previously discussed buying locally-assembled internal-combustion Sprinter vans for the U.S., along with electric vans from newcomer Rivian.

Rivian hasn’t discussed other buyers for its electric vans, but the eSprinter will also compete with the Ford E-Transit plus a General Motors van that’s on the way but hasn’t yet been detailed. Startup Chanje has sold a small number of its electric vans, while Arrival has inked a deal to supply electric vans to UPS.

There’s also a Mercedes-Benz EQV passenger van currently available in the European market, and a passenger variant of the new eSprinter on the way, but such an electric passenger van has lower chances of making it to the U.S.

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