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Anticipate The ZOKO Solutions App By Nijeta Ankh

Anticipate The ZOKO Solutions App By Nijeta Ankh 

Hey guys! For those of you that don’t know, I am Nijeta Ankh, developer of the ZOKO enterprise!

Over the years in my field of specialty, I have observed several clients approaching me with numerous difficulties which I have jotted down to someday create an avenue to make life easier for creators as myself.

Hence birth ZOKO a mother house to business solutions, within this unit we will provide several apps that will aid proper representation of dominantly E-commerce sellers and influencers. One of the apps we will be introducing is ZOKO E-Splice, to be released on the playstore by 20th June 2020.

What are the features of E-Splice?
Point, shoot, Automatically remove backgrounds to be saved as png’s or simply to give your product picture a professional studio effect with a white plain background that can be used for promotional purposes.

¶ Logo placement on product image

¶ Placement of price tags
¶ Guaranteed more sales

Did you know better pictures equals better sales? With E-Splice Your picture could be worth a thousand online sales! Save a million bucks , forget about the studio, investing in a background, having to think about buying expensive cameras and not to forget hiring or acquiring new skills in graphics to edit your pictures, E-Splice allows you to do it all on your own without any professional skills , studio or high end camera’s , all from your phone , in the comfort of your home with the same result and you can guarantee more eyes on your product equals more sales flowing in.

Does this sound like an app for you? Be the first to know once  we’ve launched.

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