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Yes I’m Arrogant, I Fought My Way Out Of Poverty!

Yes I’m Arrogant, I Fought My Way Out Of Poverty! 

-Eugene Nyavor

Many have perceived Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather as one of the most successful professional boxers of all time in the world.
But to others, he is arrogant and cocky in view of the fact that he has gained notoriety in flaunting his wealth especially jets, yachts, Bugatti’s and living what can best be described as a luxurious lifestyle.

Well, has seen a response to these perceptions about the ‘money man’ who is unfazed by these criticisms and has taken the opportunity to explain that he fought his way out of poverty many do not know about.

People do not acknowledge “Little Floyd”. They do not recognize “Pretty Boy Floyd”. All they see is the “Money Mayweather” persona, the luxurious lifestyle and think that this was handed to me. Before the jets, yachts, Bugatti’s etc.,

I was always on my grind. I fought my way from poverty to the top; I am often scrutinized for being cocky or arrogant, but I have every right to be! When you put the hard work, dedication, focus & determination into a craft over a lifetime, great results usually reflect. We now live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification.

I worked extremely hard my entire life, retired undefeated, made great investments, and I deserve to live an incredible lifestyle.

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