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Wednesday Motivation With Nigerian CEO Kem’s Meals & Spices – Nkem Okolu Onelum!

Wednesday Motivation With Nigerian CEO Kem’s Meals & Spices – Nkem Okolu Onelum! 

Nkem Okolu Onelum

When I dropped my wig and gown for my passion, people called me all sort of names. Some called me unserious, some said I am not sound to practice that’s why I left the profession.

I saw a problem and decided to come up with a solution. I realized the danger in cooking with artificial seasonings filled with chemicals, MSG & all sort of mixture. So I thought it wise to come up with a solution, a healthy alternative. Thank God for wisdom

I put all those comments aside and focused on my vision and mission. I started mixing spices for different delicacies gradually from the comfort of my home, tried them before going commercial. Little did I know so many women are struggling with one health issue or the other and have been looking for a healthy alternative to seasoning cubes/artificial seasonings. The prayers and appreciation we receive every now and then is proof that they are happy.

Looking back, paying deaf ears to side comments helped me a whole lot.

Kem’s Meals And Spices is here today because my idea wasn’t kept in a cooler called procrastination. I took a step, I turned my ideas into a reality.

If you have an idea, please bring it into reality! It’s okay to seek advice but be wise to filter them. Be courageous and believe in yourself.

Kem’s Meals & Spices is a business outfit that has grown to be global as well as reputable, with its customer base cut across several states in Nigeria and outside Africa. 

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