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Vodi | What Is My Staying Power?

Vodi | What Is My Staying Power? 

Seyi | Vodi Tailors, Intl

1– Focus, what we put behind us will shrink, while what we put before us expands and gets clearer.

I focused on male tailoring alone for 15 years before we ventured into training, female clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and laundry etc.

The more I am focused the more it gets clearer and better, It has become a habit.

Other seemingly lucrative business especially in the early stages of a tailoring business might be a huge distraction.

I became an expert in bespoke tailoring by gaining experience daily for the first 15 years.

2 -Setting daily target is my strength for myself and colleagues.

3 it is said that under the guidance of a strong General there will never be weak soldiers, strengthening my team exposing them to the risk, reality of the business and foreign partners is another factor among many that has kept us going.

4- Creativity- The creative adult is a child who survived.

The desire to create is so strong in us that you can literally feel it, we don’t wait for a perfect time to be creative.

I sketch almost on a daily basis for the past 19 years, I sketch anything I can imagine.

In summary we have evolved because we were not careless and nonchalant.

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