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Top 7 AI Tools for Businesses

Top 7 AI Tools for Businesses 


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential to modern businesses because of its transformative impact on management, customer engagement, and strategic planning. With an AI tool, you’ll be able to streamline workflows, improve decision-making, and improve customer experiences.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best AI tools for business in workplace training, task automation, data analytics, and more. But before that, let’s take a look at how advanced technology can impact your business.

There are plenty of reasons companies are now using artificial intelligence in their day-to-day operations. Specifically, AI tools can benefit your business by:

  • Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks to boost overall operational efficiency.
  • Analyzing large volumes of data to generate actionable insights and decisions based on data patterns, trends, and predictions.
  • Improving customer experiences with instant assistance and tailored interactions.
  • Generating insights that can lead to new product development and optimized strategies.
  • Conducting predictive analysis for future trends, customer behaviours, and market shifts.

You can also take advantage of available AI-powered tools and incorporate them into daily tasks like course creation for employee training, business writing, lead generation, sales insights, and customer support.

  • Every company’s success starts with its employees, so it’s only right to give them the best possible training experiences. But to do this effectively, you’ll need to have quality training materials, content, and resources, which can be challenging to create from scratch. With AI Create, you won’t have to sit through long hours of building one course or spend time staring at the screen and worrying about what your lesson content should look like. It even saves you the trouble of switching back and forth between ChatGPT and your LMS. You’ll have the power to do it all on one platform. Simply type in your topic or share a link, click the create button, and wait a few seconds for the AI tool to finish generating your course. Then, you’ll have your module packed with relevant content and interactive slides ready to share with your teams.


  • AI can be used for translation, If you’re training global teams, it’s a great Translation Tool. With one of the best AI platforms for training remotely, you can effectively upskill your employees no matter where they’re located. This tool can translate your course into more than 100 languages in a matter of minutes. To use it, start by downloading the text of an entire course. If you don’t have one, you can explore the platform’s extensive course library which houses thousands of courses ready to be translated. Here, you’ll find training lessons about sales, retail, communication, management, and more.

    Once the AI tool has finished translating your course, you can review the content, make changes, and edit it to your liking with the overwrite text feature. Then, you’ll only need to reupload your updated copy and deliver it to your team.

  • Another highly effective AI tool for business is Grammarly. It’s a popular writing assistant with advanced features like grammar and spell-check tools that can help enhance the quality of written communication in your organization.

    With Grammarly’s business plan, you can make sure your employees produce clear, professional, and error-free content, from their daily emails to their weekly reports. You’ll also be able to maintain writing standards as the AI tool can keep individual content aligned with your company’s knowledge and brand tone. Other features include access to a centralized dashboard, allowing you to monitor usage and track improvements across your organization.

  • For data analysis, you can rely on Tableau’s AI tool, Tableau GPT. It automates complex data processing tasks, allowing you to easily explore meaningful trends and correlations in your data. That means you can accurately extract actionable insights from their data through generative AI. Tableau also has AI-driven data visualization features that can automatically recognize patterns in datasets and create eye-catching visuals for better presentation. Plus, an AI-powered data preparation tool that can help you clean, transform, and organize data.


  • If you’re looking to supercharge your sales insights and strategies, consider using It uses advanced technology to give better visibility to your sales gets rid of the need for manual data entry by automatically capturing and logging sales activities like emails, calls, meetings, and customer interactions. It also offers a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline, highlighting trends and performance metrics.
  • MonkeyLearn is a powerful AI tool for businesses seeking to gain valuable insights from textual data. It specializes in text analysis, which allows you to automate and enhance your understanding of customer feedback, reviews, social media comments, and more. It also analyzes the emotional tone of the text, whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral. Besides sentiment analysis, MonkeyLearn can also perform categorization, tagging, and entity recognition. This allows you to organize.

  • Completing our list of AI tools for business is Zendesk, one of the top AI companies popular for its customer relationship management software. Its modern solution, Zendesk AI, integrates AI-driven chatbots and automation to attend to customer inquiries, speed up response times, and facilitate customer experiences. You can implement it on your websites and messaging apps. The AI platform’s automation features also allow you to direct inquiries to the appropriate support agents. This streamlines ticket management and makes sure that your customers are connected to the right resources.


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