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Top 5 Proven Tips To Make The Most Of Your Week As Practiced By Gurus – Flourish

Top 5 Proven Tips To Make The Most Of Your Week As Practiced By Gurus – Flourish 

– Flourish Ojo

A must read for everyone who struggle to get productive and break free from procrastination.

Good morning…

It’s another great week and I am very excited about it!

If we are just getting to meet,

I am Flourish Ojo

So why the heck am I writing you this love letter this morning?

Simply because I want to share with you the Fascinating tips to preserve your energy and get the most of the new week.

A lot of people start the week with very high hope, several TO-DO list and by Friday, nothing has been achieved.

And let me tell you this,

“It Is Not Your Fault”

You basically need a proven system that works.

I was in this same trap some years back, I will basically wake up, pick my phone and you can guess…. my entire day is lost except that I will remember to eat

Then I woke up one day and it down on me that I cannot achieve my dreams and also help others, if this cycle continues, after all it already cost me a Firstclass in the University.

Then I developed a system which has helped me stay on my feet and smash all my set goals.

You want the SYSTEM?
Make sure you read every word on this page.

1. Get A Headstart On The Week (start from the hardest task):

Every week, or even everyday we all have that frog, that most difficult task you keep pushing till tomorrow, next Tomorrow…

That’s the key right there, Smacj the most difficult tasks at the start of your week. For instance if you have to read, market your products and clean the house,

Ask yourself, which is the important and make sure you fix it first, the others will follow suit

2. Learn To Say No Aand Not Feel Guilty : Learn to choose yourself.

Whether you please please people or not doesn’t change their opinion about you.

No is just another word in English Language and should always be used at will.

Say it and own it.

Any tasks, requests that doesn’t align with your goals, throw them away.

After-all someone is hating on you right now for doing absolutely nothing.

Not only will saying No help you own yourself, it will also help you clear off unnecessary tasks off your table and give you time to focus on the most important tasks.

3. Completed Is Better Than Perfect:

The best way to never get things done is waiting for it to be perfect, now don’t get me wrong

“Striving to excellence is a noble goal”

But getting obsessed with perfectionism is the ultimate enemy of productivity.

Check again, how many things have you abandoned halfway simply because you wanted them to be perfect?

This week seem to complete, wrong is better than nothing!

4. Start Early: One undermined hack is starting early before distractions start setting in.

Starting early gives you energy edge and time edge

The earlier you get started, the more you can get down and completed.

You get fewer distractions and thick’s more tasks off your list.

5. Work At Intervals: You never can tell the magic of 10mins Focused work.

Don’t clog your brain, the young man is not use to 5 hours of straight work even 30minutes of absolute concentration is serious work for some people.

The good rule of work is to do serious 15-25minutes work, take 5 minutes break and then get back to work.

What practice will you implement this week?

Share your commitment below let me hold you accountable.

Cheers to success.

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