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Tony Igweh: In This Decade, Do Not End Up As A Dinosaur

Tony Igweh: In This Decade, Do Not End Up As A Dinosaur 

There was a time I felt there was no job in Nigeria. I believed it and argued it out. Maybe it was because of the point I was at that time in my life I only felt and saw things around my immediate environment.

On stepping out, I saw a broader picture, a clearer perspective of what the reality on the ground is.

There are jobs, my brother, my sister jobs dey maybe not high paying jobs like a six-figure job but if you are ready to grow the ranks there are jobs a lot of jobs if we are to be sincere with our selves.

But there is a problem, a huge problem that needs fixing. There is no skilled labour to match job requirements. We have a laboured market loaded with analogue skill in a fast-growing digital age, there is a revolution against the paper, the paper age is fast going extinct.

If you do not get involved in the new age digital skill, you are at risk, you are a dinosaur and nobody will miss you when you disappear.

There is a need for every one of all ages to get on the bus and start getting those needed skills to become relevant in the new world.

Learn a skill today.


Tony Igwe Of  BODIED

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