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The Burial, Hunger And The Coming Lock Down Extension

The Burial, Hunger And The Coming Lock Down Extension 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma Law

Facts, Faith and the coming days.

My dear children, we have used one dispenser bottle a day this lock down, that is N600 (Nigerian Naira) daily.
As I went on narrating the need to avoid waste, running through the prices of every essential item in the house and showed them my account balance, I explained how the emergency gear cannot be engaged because banks are locked too. In essence, pray, we need miracles (actually more miracles) if this continues.

You see, I sympathize with the family of the late Kyari, whatever view we hold of his role in government. The death of anyone is a loss to loved ones, humanity and if you share my faith, in these circumstances, you wonder what next for him eternally.

However, I lost it when I tuned in to see the flagrant disregard for basic law by those who are powerful enough to do so.

At the beginning of this, I joined many others to pray that no one dies. Now I pray that no one dies again. However, some went out courting death and their choices can override our corporate prayers unless in His mercy he has mercy on the larger public and have mercy on them.

Their sin be upon them alone should the Lord not extend mercy past their foolishness. May the common man who is still grappling with how to remain in business, or not be fired from work and who right now struggles to find what to eat and what he will eat tomorrow not become the victim of this wickedness.

The greater pain however, as God protects and shields us from the consequences of their recklessness, is that an extension of the lock down is coming as the numbers rise.

So, by implication, they were unperturbed because lock down doesn’t affect them. Indeed, many of them have the economy under their arms as Covid-19 sharing benefits them.

I have written this simple piece to begin a sensitization I hope we gradually think about.

I have watched how tweets got the President to come out and give any type of broadcast at all rather than hide. We need to use the next couple of days to demand specifics if we won’t kill more people who aren’t Covid patients.

Banks are locked. I know companies who can’t pay essential staff because they can’t do transactions outside a locked bank.
We need to demand this. Banks need to open.

Is there any federal or state government worker that has received a dime? You don’t need verification for this one. You already pay them monthly. Not a hide and seek sharing of billions that are untraceable.

These are just a few examples of specific demands we can use social media to push.

Let us not just lament, we need concerted effort at demanding a few things and pushing our thoughts through facts and figures that cannot be denied.

An extension is coming and it will get unbearable if we do nothing.

I can get by. Many will not.

If we don’t think about the many who won’t, we won’t act.

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