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The Burden Of Boss!

The Burden Of Boss! 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq

Just like the scripture on not being too hasty to be teachers because teachers would face a more intense judgement, I counsel that being ‘Boss’ should not be lightly desired without counting the cost of being one.

Being Boss puts three interesting rights immediately at stake on your table and you have to responsibly attend to these three with success else you fail.

In no particular order:
1. The right of your business to thrive and grow;

2. The right of your product/service to succeed and pull ahead of the pack or at least remain competitively in the market; and

3. The right if your people to be paid, developed and treated with conscience as humans.

If all these three aspects succeed, reward in terms of profit or financial reward to you is guaranteed.

However, most people think only in terms of the reward and not the burden.

You know I once said to someone, “people look towards end of month or payday, business and Bosses on the other hand prepare for it because the payment is a responsibility on them”. Most people who want to be Boss do not think of this at all.

It is a horrible sign of failure or irresponsibility if your workers cannot be paid. Not just paid, Bosses should think about the welfare of the workforce. Being Boss is therefore to a large extent taking responsibility for the joy of other people and mapping it out smartly.

Bosses also share the responsibility of thinking of the success of their product/service but still have to own this burden above others because the bulk ends on their table if it fails or succeeds. So, it is not about a position for pictures and boast but a huge responsibility on which you cannot sleep.

Bosses must proactively study patterns, trends and understand the dynamics affecting their business climate. This ends in critical decisions on positioning the business for success.

Being Boss is being tough. You have to remain consistent, resolute and focused through seasons. You can’t afford to emotionally crumble because the rains stopped and the cold came rushing with dust.

Above all, ask God for grace to be calm and to combine these responsibilities with calm and success.

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