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The Africana King on Style Today – The Man, The Magic, The Experience 



“I am excited to be amongst the living at this year’s end. Penning down this experience thrills me deeply. There are individuals who seem like enigmas, and in my opinion, he belongs to that exclusive group. This man not only embodies fashion but also redefines the very essence of the business. Follow my line of thought as we delve into the world of the man, the magic, and the unparalleled experience he offers.”


Mr. CHARLES ORONSAYE OGHOGHO is a proud Edo man who deeply believes in family, culture, business, and people. Outside his immediate family, he has created another family, which I believe is known as “Team Africana.” Those who believe in the dream, brand Africana, buyers, consumers, and more have all proudly become a part of this family. Understanding the man, you’d realize he learns at every turn and doesn’t act as if he knows it all. To me, that’s one of the qualities of an amazing leader. Yes, he is a leader.

Having been in business for almost 10 years, Mr. Charles has mastered the world of fashion business. He strongly believes in numbers, often saying, “Fashion is a numbers game.” His commitment to this belief has led to his profound understanding of the fashion retail world, resulting in success.

Many have demanded to know his secret for success, but if you ask me, I’d say his secret lies in believing in people. He may disagree with me, but I believe this is one of his greatest assets. He trusts his customers and consumers to appreciate and buy his products, understanding his creativity. Only the Africana community can truly grasp the feeling of wearing one of his brand’s products — the originality, the clean cuts, the attention to detail, and the pride that comes with it.

Mr. Charles has redefined the consumer-designer relationship, making you feel a need for his products even before you acquire them. This ability is a superpower he has cultivated through collaboration.


Lies within the man, specifically in his profound ability to deeply ponder and understand the world. Recognizing the importance of fostering a genuine community that passionately loves the brand and every collection it releases, he devised a plan. This visionary individual decided to put his theory to the test, giving birth to “THE AFRICANA EXPERIENCE LIVE.

” This innovative concept aimed to unearth his authentic community, introduce new products through the lens of culture and art, charity and narrate a fresh story about a brand that many recognized but didn’t fully comprehend. All these ambitious goals were set to unfold in just one unforgettable night. Central to this magic was collaboration. Mr. Charles strategically partnered with luminaries from diverse fields, culminating in a singular night of wonder and awe.


THE AFRICANA EXPERIENCE LIVE was indeed an experience. With strategic collaborations and months of planning, the future was set on December 10th, 2023, at 5pm. The Man called the city of Abuja to HARROW PARK, and they showed up. Some came with unknown expectations; others arrived with the heavy, judgmental eye that often accompanies a fashion brand yet to be understood. But by the end of the night, I can tell you, the truth was clear: A FORCE WAS CREATED!

Every detail was meticulously considered:

– The music, featuring a 25-man orchestra infused with sounds from the past, complemented by an incredible disc jockey. Believe me, that blend was everything.

– The traditional dance troupe from the palace of the ancient Benin kingdom.

– The illusionist who stunned the audience

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