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Orifunke Lawal: Building Online Visibility On WhatsApp

Orifunke Lawal: Building Online Visibility On WhatsApp 

Orifunke Lawal

If you have not made it in life yet, let me give you a free advice on increasing visibility. You need to be more visible on the relevant WhatsApp groups you belong to.

Notice I said “relevant”. If you can get knowledge and increase your network through a group, it is relevant to you, and it is important for you to see that opportunity to always put yourself forward as someone who can help in the field you are.

Being visible in a WhatsApp group goes beyond just commenting on any and every topic there. It is providing genuine answers to the questions someone else might have.

Let’s say someone in a WhatsApp group asks a question about writing or editing a book, no matter how busy I am, I will take the time to answer. It is my field and I have the knowledge that person needs for that period.

When you share your knowledge or opinions in a constructive manner, these things happen:

1. You gradually positively shape the perceptions that people have of you (your name, as the case is now). People always form opinions about others. It is good to be in charge of what people see you as when it comes to your personal brand.

2. You make it easy for people to trust your personal brand enough for them to reach out to you when they want to pay for a solution, or recommend you to someone who can pay you.

3. You build goodwill. People are naturally attracted to people who seem to KNOW and who also GIVE what they know.

4. You attract like minds. I can tell if I want to connect with this person sometime in the future based on what they share. If we are like-minded, it means we probably will be able to network well and work together sometime the future.

So, my dear. I know you are shy (and other fantabulous stories) but if that group is relevant to you, your career and your business, you need to stop hiding in it. You need to stop eating and drinking what other people say without you contributing.

It will not do you, your personal brand or your business any good. Change! You don’t know how many opportunities are passing you by just because you are invisible.

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