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Solomon Northrup: 12 Years A Slave

Solomon Northrup: 12 Years A Slave 

After Solomon Northrup wrote Twelve (12) Years A Slave, he disappeared till date!

For the lovers of the piece “12 Years A Slave“, the original work was written by Solomon Northrup who was a slave in the olden days of America when slavery was an open day-to-day affair, and this is his story as it was told…

“Solomon Northup was an African American writer best known as the author of the 1853 best-selling memoir 12 Years A Slave about his personal experience as a slave. In 2013, his book was adapted into an award-winning film starring the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o. But one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the life of Solomon Northup is his death.

Sadly, some time after the year 1857, he just disappeared never to be seen again. However, the exact date, location and circumstances of his death are unknown.

There are many theories of what may have happened, but none of them have been confirmed. One of the theories is that he was kidnapped again and thrown back into slavery. Another theory suggests that he could have died in a place where no one knew him.

Other theories imply that he was captured and killed while serving as a spy for the Union Army. His skills would have come in handy in a situation where he was cooperating with Union troops in the South because he was familiar with people from Louisiana, and knew how to act like a slave. All of this would have been helpful to someone working as a scout or a spy.

The groundwork for such theories stem from Northup supposedly having had a desire to be involved in the civil war, and wanting to be a part of the cause.

But the truth remains at large. “There’s no paper trail for him,” said Union College professor Clifford Brown.

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