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Scars, A Collection of my mistakes in business by Adewale Aladejana

Scars, A Collection of my mistakes in business by Adewale Aladejana 

Weekly, the Billionaire businessman Wale Ajadejana, a Nigerian with a Luxury business in Nigeria which has its franchise all over the world, in almost all the continents shares his experience in business as he rose to limelights, using his book, yet to be published titled Scars, a collection of mistakes.
Below is an excerpt from the book, Scars.
“The biggest prison in the world is fear and shame.  Many people have not been delivered from the ‘what will people say syndrome’ I have no fear and I have no shame, you know why? The righteous is as bold as a lion. If you check the work of your hands and it’s clean, you are not scamming or defrauding people and you are running a great business, as a matter of fact one of the greatest brands to ever exist on the African continent, you will show your scars with pride, you will share your pain because you will discover that your pain is a blessing.
Let me tell you how to conquer fear, do exactly what you are scared of!  The moment you are free from fear, you become invincible. If you want me to do something and you try to make me afraid sorry it won’t work, I make it my agenda to always assassinate fear.
When you are starting a business you will be CEO, Marketer, Perfumer, Receptionist, Accountant, financial officer, publicist and logistics manager at the same time.
Do yourself a favor, get a good finance person from day 1 don’t even open a store yet, get a finance person who understands money and business. You can get someone who consults for you but let them advise you about money.
In 2016, we had not started producing our own perfumes but just selling perfumes by other brands but demand had become more than supply and I was thinking of what to do when I thought about getting investors.
I sat down on my bed and did a quick math; we were turning over 1 million Naira like 3 times a month and I thought to myself that if I offered an investor 250k for 3 months it won’t be a bad idea, I actually laughed and thought I was very smart.
In 2016 we moved the tenure to 6 months and that was it till 2019. Till 2019 I never had to deal with banks or money market didn’t even know anything about all of this until late last year when I began to discover I had been giving out a fortune! I learnt the costly way, learn from my mistakes, get seasoned finance people to always advise you, it will save you future pain.
From recent happenings I think I have a best seller on my hands, this book will be hot”.

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