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Sapphire’s Jana: Dreams Come True!

Sapphire’s Jana: Dreams Come True! 

-Wale Jana | Sapphire Group Africa 

Dreams come true never forget that. You will always be at a loss if you don’t have dreams. What is the wildest dream in your heart? A billion dollars? To build a skyscraper? Whatever it is, it can come true! Make sure you fill your heart with dreams, it’s better to be a dreamer than to be a pessimist. Many of the trolls who badmouth achievers are from a long line of losers, generations of poverty induced thinkers.

Your reality may not be good but WHY DREAM SMALL? You don’t pay to dream big why dream small?

In my dreams, Sapphire is in all the major countries of the world with a skyscraper and blue logo that can be seen as any aircraft in any part of the world takes off from the airport . In my dreams I am a global citizen and people cannot eat, sleep, look good or dance without a Sapphire product.

I BELIEVE MY DREAMS because the ones I dreamt before now came to pass! It’s not a joke to have a perfume, eyewear, wristwatch, jewelry, apparel, hair and music line in Nigeria. It is almost impossible to achieve all these in Nigeria but 4 years ago it was a dream!

What are your dreams? Keep them big! You don’t need a visa to dream! There are some losers who hear the dream of another person and begin to say “how can you achieve that?” Stay away from those kind of people, they have been infested with the Pull Him Down Syndrome, never let these kind of people drag you to their level, failure is contagious, so is success.

Make friends with dreamers but never give a loser a space in your circle, your dreams can come true, your dreams will come true!


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