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Sapphire Group : Sapphire Franchise In Nigerian States And Towns For Sale!!!

Sapphire Group : Sapphire Franchise In Nigerian States And Towns For Sale!!! 

Sapphire Group Africa is looking for business people who are interested in owning a Sapphire franchise for just N1,500,000 (N1.5m) in states of Nigeria like, Abuja, Lagos, Rivers State, Cross River State, Kano State, etc. 

Also, other Countries in Africa and their States are available for Franchise purchase.

Sapphire Group Africa is a fast growing Luxury company, with already existing branches and franchises in continents across the globe creating jobs for over five (5) thousand Africans and non Africans all over the globe

For Abuja;

Lifecamp (taken)

1. 1.5m is franchise fee which includes setup of the store (this doesn’t include rent)

2. We give you products of up to 2million Naira for 6 months. You don’t have to pay a dime for the next 6 months. You simply give us a list of what you want and we stock you
3. You get products at distributor rates
4. You get your own distributors separate from already registered distributors
5. You renew with 200k every year

6. We are looking for 10 franchise owners per state

You can own remaining 9 franchises in Abuja for 13.5m)

Call IBk on +234 (0) 805 444 2609

Below are some of our products lines.

 Sapphire Time ( Luxury Time Piece) 

Sapphire Scents (Affordable Luxury Perfume) 

Sapphire Jewels (Luxury Fashion Accessories)

Oju By Sapphire (Special Edition Eye Wear) 

Sapphire Hair Products

Sapphire Music

Oju By Sapphire (Luxury Eye Wear) 

Sapphire Apparel

Sapphire Group Africa. 

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