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Presidency; My Name Deserves To Be In Guinness World Records

Presidency; My Name Deserves To Be In Guinness World Records 

-Nosakhale Akhimien

President Bola Tinubu says his past exploits paved the way for his emergence as president and that he deserves to be listed in the Guinness World Records (GWR).

Speaking to a group of investors on Tuesday at the 10th German-Nigerian Business Forum, Tinubu credited his success to overcoming investment obstacles in Nigeria. The President said noteworthy accomplishments should be acknowledged and quipped that he was determined to actively pursue the inclusion of his name in the revered Guinness World Records (GWR).

“If you have the fear of various hurdles, just look at me — I am from the private sector, one of you. I was trained by Deloitte and worked for ExxonMobil until I got to become the treasurer of the corporation. So, define corporate governance in any way, and I am in it,” he said.

The former Lagos governor also stated that during his eight-year tenure, he successfully transformed the state from ground zero to become the fifth-largest economy in Africa. “I governed Lagos for eight consecutive years and, today, I can brag, beat my chest that Lagos is on the horizon; it’s the fifth-largest economy in Africa from zero,” Tinubu said.

“That is a track record that I can use to assure you and that is the track record that got me into this office as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Emphasising his commitment to reforms, he humorously remarked that if not recognised, he would strive to insert himself into the Guinness Book of Records for his achievements as Nigeria’s president.

“Nigeria voted for me for reforms and from day one of my inauguration, I started the reforms. To me, if you didn’t mention me in the Guinness Book of Records, I’d strive to find a way to insert myself because I did it without expectation,” he said.

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