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Poetry | Rivers Beyond Embankment

Poetry | Rivers Beyond Embankment 

-Aficionado | Aba Poetry Club 2020

Two rivers flowed through my land
Like her Niger and Benue
I could not swim once either or both
One rose from her Deltaic planes
The other kissed the Anam mouth

Two rivers meander my land
I stood, a prodigal at their banks navigable
Like a poor suckling recollecting back
My transfixed soul wonder and ponder
Two mighty rivers like Tigris and Euphrates,
First of creation’s kind, the beginning of all beginnings!

Two rivers coursed through my land
Baptizing each a son with muse infectious
I, a belly flopper could only hold a guess
Two sons christened pilgrimed through my land
Answering the call of Nun naked before Mother Idoto

Two rivers swept through my land
I heard their wavy voice crackle the air
One cried like the reincarnating baptizer
The other called like the sermonizer
Both poured their contents in lineal flowage
At their mouth stood I a catechumen and convert!

Two rivers coursed through here
They never receded nor dried
So, we drank, bathe, swam
Each fetcher’s pitcher scoped vesselful
We tasted mouthful of these Pierian springs
And now are initiates of their muse

Tell Mother Idoto
Tell River Nun
That we have answered their museful call
Our voyage has taken their course
They are the gods, we are the godlings!
If they be the lords, we be the lordlings!

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