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Phillip Asuquo: Don’t Make Everyone You Fancy Go Into A Romantic Relationship With You

Phillip Asuquo: Don’t Make Everyone You Fancy Go Into A Romantic Relationship With You 

Phillip Asuquo | Coach Asuquotes

Don’t make the mistake of trying to make everyone you meet and fancy go into a romantic relationship with you.

Sometimes God won’t bring your purpose partner because you’d try to take out purpose and thus defeat the purpose of the person in your life by trying to make them what they aren’t in your life.

There are great things we can do together with the opposite sex and it doesn’t have to be romance/sex or marriage.

There are people to be reached. There is purpose to be fulfilled.

Meeting someone can be just a team up for a greater good. Don’t let it be sacrificed on the altar of selfish machinations.

Our generation needs to greatly unlearn all the machine mind control romance-tracked thinking we have been fed through the media and our peers. We need to start having wholesome relationships.

One of the reason I like the movie Moana is because the heroine didn’t have to fall in love with the hero as has always been the case in movies. They saved the village. They fulfilled purpose and that was it.

Just because you meet or work with the opposite sex doesn’t mean it should be a fling or a thing.

Purpose should override everything.

Again, one of the reasons many don’t meet the people they can do great things with is the way their minds are wired. Remove your mind from such wirings that make you abuse the purpose of a meet and soar with the energy that comes when God makes you meet a person for good.

“But Philip, some people meet their spouse while doing purpose together”

First, is your name ‘some people’? You need to know your own story and live it because there are also actually much more people who got abused or burned when purpose was defeated for romance. Know your story. Live it.

Learn to put purpose before anything else when you meet the opposite sex. What’s the purpose of the connect? Work? Then work first. A project? Then do the project first without interference.

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