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Perfection Can Be A Vice In Destiny! – Ocholi Okutepa

Perfection Can Be A Vice In Destiny! – Ocholi Okutepa 

– Ocholi Okutepa | Reflections 

In life, if you wait for all things to be in place before you move,you loose! One of the most important decisions you would take in life is to keep moving. Some people over plan,that’s how to stay stuck in planning till time is up to act.

The Bible is also clear that if you observe the wind, you won’t sow.
If you don’t sow,you won’t reap. I have always argued that what you cannot afford with money you can maximize by wisdom. If you will really achieve anything in life you would have to step into things that look bigger than you.

This will activate a few things in you and they are:
1. Dependence on God who you would need to do what is beyond you.

2. Critical thinking. Your mind gets activated when there is a challenge you are determined to beat.

3. Relationships become activated more easily when you are on course pursuing something bigger than you. You will begin to notice who is with you and who can be part of your life.

4. Favor. A lot of people cannot support nothing. Begging is not even as effective partnership for an assignment on course.

5. Growth. The more you push for what is ahead but ‘beyond’ your immediate reach, the more your muscles develop and you become better. In fact, going beyond your capacity is God’s strategy to get you into the future He has for you.

So, if God births a vision in your heart and you have peace to pursue, don’t stop.

It is better to take one little steps time than sit back over planning big steps forever.

Some people are waiting for big money to start something.
No please, most bug things are small things dedicatedly executed over time.

Becoming big is not an issue when you are ready to begin little.


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