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PAQ: Strategic Sense For You

PAQ: Strategic Sense For You 

-Phillip Asuquo | PAQ

For those who have personal brands or business brands and who were constantly in fear of what the next guy/lady or business is doing with their brands that could be bigger or better, I hope this lockdown has shown you what truly matters.

Your business or whatever you do is about INCOME. You should have been looking for ways to make your business or personal brand make more income come in for you than to be obsessed with looking better than other people who are trying to earn income that you have seen as competition all these years.

Receive SENSE.

Most people are in business to make ends meet while some are there for the glamour and to prove they can make something. No matter where you fall, please realize that business is about having a stream of income that will help you take care of expenses and make you have funds available for the things you want.

As this is your reality, so also it is the reality of other people you find in business. Running with the mindset to crush competition is simply wanting to stop other people from earning from what they do that is similar to yours.

Wait, can you alone meet the demands of your industry? With the world’s population spiraling, do you think your brand alone can meet the needs of your industry?

Please seek ways to collaborate with people in your industry and please you should all evolve before and while at it.

If you are in this age and you are still thinking of competition in business, then you have no idea that the world has moved past that model in business. Think value. Give value, get value.

Again, right now, with the lockdown, how well is being competitive playing out? As many businesses have shut down for a period, what matters now in such situation is your INCOME.

When businesses resume, please don’t lose the lesson that what mattered when everyone else closed up was what you had going that kept the income coming. Open your business knowing that it is a source of income, not a platform for competition with others trying to make an income.

Businesses exist either for value or as a channel to an expected value.

Right now, survival is the buzz word for businesses and has actually been the reality for some years now. We just didn’t see it. We needed a severe lockdown like this to realize that businesses ought to explore and innovate for profitability, not to look better than competition.

Have a strategy in place to be profitable and make more income after all this.


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