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Otto Orondam | Our 1st Virtual Learning Studio In Nigeria

Otto Orondam | Our 1st Virtual Learning Studio In Nigeria 

Otto Orondaam | Slum2School, Nigeria

About 3 months ago we saw that thousands of our kids in secondary and primary schools across slums and underserved communities weren’t learning and many were being engaged in various abusive activities.

We took a very audacious decision to attempt to build the first Virtual Learning Classroom/Studio in Nigeria, & get digital tablets & laptops to thousands of our kids to aid virtual learning.

At the time we didn’t believe it will be possible or that we could achieve it. We just wanted to give our kids the very best.

We failed many times and almost gave up but today 108 kids are learning with their tablets & 840kids have over 30 community teachers connected through laptops engaging them in cluster learning, but we still have thousands of kids to reach.

We looked through every challenge that will limit them from learning like access to power, and we provided a charging kiosk & powerbanks. Access to internet/data we got telecoms partners, safety of devices, we installed MDM and trackers. We spent months mitigating all the risks to ensure that even children from low income communities aren’t left out at this time.

Our entire team @slum2school spent days and nights cracking codes even when funding became a challenge. We were so amazed when organizations like ESPN, Alitheia Capital and Microsoft reached out to support, even when this was still an unimaginable idea.

Infact the Microsoft Africa team were so Impressed that they gave us 1million free Microsoft Office 365 licences for the program and we were wowed.

Today this program is live and some kids can learn but we we want to reach 10,000 kids.

Every child indeed deserves the best and we ask today that you join us to give more children this incredible learning opportunity through technology.

You can support/partner via and we will keep you posted in how your support is making a difference.

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