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Onu J: Why I Support The US Visa Ban On Nigerians

Onu J: Why I Support The US Visa Ban On Nigerians 

-Silas Joseph Onu, Esq. 

In Nigeria, if you live in, and are very observant in Abuja (limited scope), you will see that so many people from Chad, Gambia, Niger, Mali etc have invaded the country with a strong claim of citizenship under the cover of their ability to speak a variant of Hausa language. The ladies will be found in gardens and night clubs being pimped by their male counterparts. They also are very well involved in serious crimes with intent to kill their victims, using their very luscious women as baits.

If you dare to speak to them, you’ll be sorry for attacking a “northerner”, which is their most convenient claim.

So, it is a serious risk for USA to allow a nation that has no control or any reliable data on its citizenship. Anyone can obtain a Nigerian International Passport and that is surely a serious security threat for nations like the United States which is a desired destination for all sorts of terrorists.

This must be addressed. It is also in our own national security interest to do so.

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