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Okutepa Esq: Why Is Life So Slow?

Okutepa Esq: Why Is Life So Slow? 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq

Why can’t I get to my dream already? Why do I have to work so much and make so little progress?

Relax my friend, the stroke of the clock reads in seconds and not minutes or hours.

The truth is, our agitation most times reveal our lack of patience.

I am sorry, I wish I could promise some gymnastic progress but hey, delivery under 9 months or at least some little time short of that won’t be normal and will often lead to maintaining the baby under medical care to ensure all is well.

Your life and purposes on earth will go through process. Process will take you through time. Time will force you to develop virtues and capacity if you don’t misuse it.

Note that, when you actually become impatient, time will seem super slow.

Every time you invest your emotions into regretting how slow time is, you loose. You loose focus. You loose motivation. You loose drive. You loose capacity. Consequently, you stop being motivated to add value to yourself or to life and more importantly to your dream.

It is time to go back to thinking, “I am not there because I am on my way there and I got to keep moving to get there”.
In this little quote of mine are three main ingredients of staying on course and getting ahead, they are:

1. Acknowledge the goal;
2. Acknowledge that it will take process to get there; and
3. Affirm that you won’t stop but will keep pushing for it.

Think about this.

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