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Ocholi Esq Writes On Motivational Speakers And Liars

Ocholi Esq Writes On Motivational Speakers And Liars 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq 

Motivational Speaker Can Lie! 

Most motivational speakers just want to earn their pay. In doing this, they focus on your emotions, hit it hard with fiction that sounds like facts and sell you ideas that won’t work.

Many of them lie about their process. They just summarise years into simple sentences that don’t convey details of hard core reality, don’t buy it.

Some of them got to the ‘top’ by schemes and formulas that they are too ashamed to share. They can’t teach you dirty ways so they read up principles in books they didn’t apply and sugarcoat it like that’s it.

Some lie because they cannot teach privilege but are privileged to be where they are without necessarily working for it. You see, not all of us will have inheritance or rich uncles or relatives in Government or some positions where they throw capital at us.

Some lie because lying sells.

So, the next time a motivation speaker stands in front of you, examine the facts. Part of how you do this is examining the power of a personal story. How honest and factual is their connection to the principles they share. Test their tales with the trajectory of their life. This is more so in a generation that is full of “life coaches” who themselves have mastered nothing.

How much truth is in the story of others they tell? How close did they come to it? How much of the details of what the third party do are they into?

Are there parallels between your life and the stories they seek to use to motivate you?
Some things that worked for A won’t work for B no matter how Close makes it sound like it has universal application.

Some stories are sweet to hear but would work absurdity in your life. Simple and short.

So after clapping and cheering and having a high on the speech, go back with your notes and only value the time if it is instructive enough to construct a life on.

Sometimes the only value of some motivation speech is that it was like anti-depressants, pacifying pressure it didn’t extinguish.

Motivators are good but you must learn to filter performance from fact and the art of public speaking from core impact.


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