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Ocholi Esq | Who Am I?

Ocholi Esq | Who Am I? 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma & Law

Who am I?

Nope. That’s my professional vocation.

Nope, that is my assignment and calling.

Na! That’s some great assignment from which I also have loads of fun.

Ewo! Abeg, I get celebrated sha but, Ehm… That too, not it.

Handsome man?
I wish I could shout ‘Yes Yes’ but Ehm, that’s just something you see on the outside! As in, the package fine sha.

So… Who am I?
I am the express image of the Father. I am made in the image and likeness of Him who is eternal. The very one who was not created but who made all things and whose rule is timeless.

I look like Him. You See Me, you have seen Him!

His very nature resides in me.

Come on now!
Can’t be depressed.
Can’t be down.
Nothing is impossible.
All things are mine.
Walking on water.
Healing the sick.
Raising the dead.
Encouraging the broken hearted.
Declaring the acceptable year of the Lord.

Whether I bow in court to my Lord the human Judge or I lift my hands to My Lord the maker of heaven and earth, I KNOW WHO I AM.

When my earthly father forsake me, I know my Heavenly Father cannot deny me.

When I have a ‘bad day’ I know that I am not a bad creature because I know the history, source and nature of how I was made!

When ‘life happens’ I react like the one whose nature I carry, I speak up and light busts through darkness and boom, all things are new!

I don’t betray my powers.
I have the capacity of God.
A son of the Most High does not live like mere men.
I unleash it.

Ocholi Okutepa is my human name. Son of God is my real description and in the age to come, my labour here will reveal my reward there.

I do not live like it ends here because it doesn’t. There is more!

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