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Ocholi Esq: Stop Trying So Hard To Be “Great”

Ocholi Esq: Stop Trying So Hard To Be “Great” 

-Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma Law

Straight up, I have seen too many people loose themselves trying to become what they were never made to be!

No one is greater than me.
I am greater than no one.
No one should become me.
I don’t want to become anyone else.

Most times, what we try so hard to become is what others have held high as the standard.

What it has done to my generation on social media is that we pursue likes and number of comments. So even if a dog learns to amass or buy responses on social media, we make him or her a “model”
Tufia! Shame on us.

Every time your idea of greatness narrows down to someone else, you miss the mark of your perculiarity.

So you look around and see dysfunctional people we call “celebrities”. God forbid nonsense!

Celebrity why? They were on a popular show or managed by hook or crook to amass more following than others. So, they become the ideal picture of “success” and some sort of sample displayed.

So, how they dress and talk and what they endorse suddenly becomes the ideal or should I say the identity card we need to carry to be inducted into the hall of fame called “I no fall hand” when in effect your hand, no your head you yanked off to take on the broken identity of another.

People can inspire you by examples but ultimately, what you should become is your custom made instruction. You definitely should therefore learn to know what should not even command your attention even if the while world bows at the feet of it.

You greatness is in becoming who God specifically made you.
This is your biggest target on earth.

Mentors are good, I don’t even subscribe to the phrase “role model” because our roles are different and I can’t model yours.
Mentors will teach you principles that can be shared between their assignment and yours and not try to make you a version of themselves.

So sit back to yourself and reflect on these things. Have you pursued images of who is what and achieved what that you babe forgot to live your own life?

Stop rating your greatness with reference to others. It will take your peace away for nothing.

You see, if you want to really be great, Be Who God Made You To Be .

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