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Ocholi Esq: Pressure And Progress

Ocholi Esq: Pressure And Progress 

Ocholi Okutepa, Esq. 

I have read on many occasions that “nobody is posting their pain or failure” and that’s absolutely true. No matter how you hint, talk about it or even cry out, celebratory posts will always get more attention than those that reveal failure or difficulty. So, we are all almost trapped in wanting to have a smile for the camera, a ‘testimony’ to share and something that will garner the most likes or comments.

I will be unfair to you to keep smiling and not tell you about the pressure associated with progress. At least, it will give me the opportunity to tell you why we keep smiling and sitting composed when it absolutely could make sense not to. I am not talking about ‘posting for the gram’, no. I am talking about winning privately before you ever take a picture.

First, cut the pressure to impress anyone on social media.
Then, cut the pressure of impressing anyone anywhere.
Then, decide that you want to live your life on the merits.

You will then realise that you have enough energy to truly pursue your life and overcome it’s huddles. Your story as ‘ordinary’ as it would seem that way is more inspiring than expiring poses.

Money is going to pressure you, we all experience it.
People are going to fail you, perhaps you don’t need to be told this.
Expectations won’t always come good, that’s okay.

So, away from social media, what do we do to beat the pressure and make progress?

1. We never stop hoping because it is hope that keeps alive.
2. Continue to work, it must not always be spectacular progress, keep moving anyway.
3. Learn all you can through every experience. Don’t be merely emotional, learn.
4. Don’t put people in God’s place, no matter who fails or leaves you, you are not finished if your faith is rooted in God.

Reflect on these things.

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