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Ocholi Esq: Our Future After COVID-19!

Ocholi Esq: Our Future After COVID-19! 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq.

Employer and Employee alike, uncertain times have created more anxieties than anyone is discussing.

When we are done with the Covid 19 and the world manages to regain consciousness, we will then realise how much it choked many things and not just people.

I am writing to us because there is the tendency to be so anxious that you become confused and unproductive to the point that after the pandemic, your personal suffering really kicks in.

I am sorry but let’s face what’s facing us and think.

If you are going to loose your job as so many have and will, what next?

If your business as you know it right now will fold up, what next?

If you are going to have to let staff go, how will you do it and what is the plan for what is next?

How many of your current clients will be able to keep bringing business?

How are you positioning to remain in that business and attractive new clients under the new facts?

Before I ask more, I manage a firm that is also locked. Courts actually closed doors before the lock down. I am not writing from the office to you. I am writing to us all from home.

I am writing because on the flip side of the facts I mentioned above are too many people who need to regain control of their emotion and beat the paralysis of dread.

You are going to have to use a combination of faith and strategy.

Faith begins where the will of God is known. Definitely, God is never stranded, we must run to him.

Like many of us, faith is my base. We may have no human that could help us hit a big restart button with an injection of funds or something but we can pray and think forward.

Secondly, you feed your mind with what makes you strategic and not what damages your faith.

News these days is actually bad news, don’t over indulge. We are already at home and already know too much. Shut down excessive social media and TV focus on the destruction of everything and focus on conversations that educate on what to do.

Try to understand the dynamic changes in our world post covid. Discuss with minds that have sense. Follow programs that analyse these things in a way that program solution.

Be wise.

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