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Ocholi Esq | I Come In Peace!

Ocholi Esq | I Come In Peace! 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma & Law

Ehm.. But sometimes the conversation is not as ‘peaceful’ as the writer.

So, people in my generation want to blow even if they don’t grow. So you have so many people who just want to be rich or have influence but don’t know what they want it for.

Ehm, you think it is ghosts that make up more than 2.5 million followers of hushpuppie? Na! Many of them say ‘Praise The Lord’ on Sundays or something else religious on Fridays. Some may attack me sef. They see a picture they want even if they don’t know how that picture was framed.

We are so focused on looking like what we are not and desperate to look like we have attained what we haven’t worked for.

Ehmmmm, I still come in peace o.
Remember I am a teacher of the Bible and bless people o but…

All the ‘Spirit of favour’ that you shouted ‘Amen’ to and all the fantastic prophecies that my generation respond to more out of greed than faith hardly see the light of day because…

God is not a magician and He doesn’t operate with a wand!

Faith without works is still as dead as the Christmas chicken you ate last December or Salah rams from the past weekend. Not just dead, eaten and excreted by now. Gone gone.

Jesus, God himself humbled himself to process. I guess Philippians 2 does a better job, go read it.

I refuse to enter Big Brother debate. Money, data, debate, morals etc. Enjoy, life Na choice.

I don’t like the word ‘hustle’ but let’s say I believe in working diligently. Some people in my generation are so lazy, their own dreams are fleeing from them like Usain Bolt! How can you be so lazy even your future is ashamed to be associated with you?

You know Ehn, even Yahoo boys can’t be as lazy as some well intended dreamers are. In fact, crime is harder to pull off than genuine wealth, if you ask me.

Things cannot control you if you want to get where you control things.

Forget phones, cars, shoes, houses and all the things people do to look like they have arrived when they haven’t even boarded.

Lay foundations.
Build systems.
Appear slow (to this Egwor don’t know).
Blow and stay there, not blow out.

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