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Ocholi Esq: I Am Not Poor

Ocholi Esq: I Am Not Poor 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma Law

Stop struggling so hard to prove that you are broke!

Sometimes because we are afraid of pressure from people who will demand things from us, we forget to live our lives.

For some people, my smiles on facebook means my account is bursting. For others, starting from immigration at the airport, don’t dare travel abroad. It means, you are so right you don’t have use for money.

Generally speaking, people don’t get their assumptions right. I have landed abroad a couple of times with less than #50,000 to my name home and abroad. On some occasions because your purpose of travel took all your funds or that the funds you expected didn’t come.

Those trips on which shopping is a No No.

I have been through weekends right home in Nigeria where 3 or 5 persons have sent account numbers for help and unknown to them, I ran the entire weekend with less than #500 in my account.

When those things happen, don’t over prove. It is okay to tell them that you will keep helping in view. It is fine to let them know you can’t help now.

Cut the pressure to debase yourself to make them understand.

Cut the pressure to start acting poor online. Some of us have learnt to be happy in rain or sun and you should not loose that just because you want to cut ‘the pressure’ of those who would out pressure on you.

My joy is key to my peace and prosperity and I am going to maintain it.

If we ever have to seek anyone’s help, believe them implicitly even if you met them in a private Jet if they can’t help. Levels don’t just drop ‘cos one isn’t in position to help.

Finally, put pressure on God, not man. He will come good.

Think on these things.

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