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Ocholi Esq | Don’t Force It

Ocholi Esq | Don’t Force It 

Ocholi Okutepa Esq 

I was invited to a meeting some time back. I met people o. Ah, I scanned through the room and every popularity and impact I thought I had fizzled through he roof.

Have you ever been in a room where practically everyone’s introduction was by merely appearing but in your case, you had to explain even how they could pronounce your name?
That was me.

I wish it stopped there. One very popular person then had a great chat with me. I wasn’t trying to make impressions. I was just in the flow. Then I was supposed to send a message so we could connect better afterwards. I kept my part of the bargain but Ehm, I never got a reply.

In that meeting too, someone I didn’t know but who most people there knew walked in. This person didn’t know another person who was very popular and practically everyone in the room knew. I said okay, at least, no matter who you are, someone, somewhere either doesn’t ‘send’ or doesn’t know.

At this point I had to quickly do a few things to regain perspective in life. Let me share these things with you.

This is very often self imposed. I went for a meeting, not for competition. The pressure was useless, discard it. We are all running our races, our lanes are different.

Don’t force it. If there is no mutual need to be in touch, why chase it? Many people have made a mess of themselves and lowered their value by trying so hard to keep touch with a person or people who do not see why they should be in touch. Don’t become of nuisance value.

The people who do not prioritize relating with you aren’t necessarily wrong. You either have nothing to do together or at least they haven’t found reason why they should prioritize the relationship with you. If you think you need them seriously, you need to find a way to get on into the space that they prioritise.

Your value is not determined by isolated cases. This was on experience that aught me real lessons. I was wrong to weigh my value on the scale of my popularity in that room. My real value should be defined on the parchment of my purpose and what I do with life daily.

Don’t force it. Keep at you.

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