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Ocholi Esq: Concerning Haters

Ocholi Esq: Concerning Haters 

-Ocholi Okutepa Esq | Pneuma Law

Perspectives on people and purpose!

Before I go far, note that you cannot rid the world of haters but you can rid your heart of hate.

You see, I am very uncomfortable with the way the word “hater” has been used in my generation. Mostly when used, we draw battle lines and fall for active contention.

What we don’t realise is that your hater wants you in that contentious place. This means they got you where they want. Responding and getting walked up over what they do. That’s sad.

You must realise first and foremost that some of your haters are possessed of Satan and God will bring them to their senses when he saves them. My mentor while hanging on the cross, nailed by those who hated and overwhelmingly voted to kill him for no just cause forgave them because ‘they were ignorant’ (blinded by the force of deception) and focused on his purpose.

Once they get you to focus on them, they dominate your purpose and fill your heart with hate too. You then stop to throw stones at every comment and post about every opinion. You won’t sleep well and you will channel your innovative powers to thinking and plotting how to get back at them. Waste!

Jesus said that (in some cases) a man’s enemies are those of his own household (family). As disappointing as that it, this is a reality most of us have had to deal with. People you cannot break away from for life like outsiders. People that you are connected to and who you have to remain remotely connected with even when you stay away. This is where the heart condition comes in.

So for family or outsiders, our heart has to let go of hate. We cannot be like them. We must return love for their hate. This does not mean embracing them and placing our lives on a plate for them to slice. It is that we don’t dwell on how they hurt us and become vengeful. It is that when we remember their wickedness to us, we verbalise our forgiveness like Jesus did at the cross. We pray calm on our hearts and peace to them.

Yes, peace and salvation to them. That God will show them the way of peace.

Do not become like them, react like Christ.

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